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Forex Malaysia was born to fill a hole in the market for a reliable and balanced CFD broker comparison.  While we cater mostly to newcomers, we try and address issues that can be of interest to the intermediate and advanced traders too.  We provide educational articles from how Forex trading works to advanced strategy and provide independent and expert reviews of Forex brokers.

Meet The Team

Björn Michels

Björn Michels – CEO & Head of Strategy

Björn Michels is CEO of Schlossbrink and has been at the helm since 2012. While founding Schlossbrink, Björn founded Roy App – a digital marketing and business intelligence company providing the value of management consulting – and worked advising international media platforms and online finance companies establish new and customer-focused brands that have transparency and product development at the core.

Björn started his professional career in 2004 in product development of the internal search engine for Hewlett Packard when search was considered cutting edge for the e-commerce and online industry. Today, he combines strategic management, product development and a passion for financial products in his role.

Björn holds a Master of Science degree in Computer Science from South Bank University in London UK.

Jeffrey Cammack

Jeffrey Cammack – Editorial Director & Head of Operations

Jeff Cammack is the Editorial Director of the Trade Forex branded websites that Schlossbrink operates. Jeff Cammack joined in 2012 and has been central to setting the educational focus of the content published, and the research processes that are the backbone of the authoritativeness and independence of articles and product reviews.

Jeff has 15+ years of experience working with online academic content having first started marketing complex investment products in 2006, narrowing in focus to CFD and Forex products in 2010, and then publishing about macroeconomic issues and currency analysis from 2012.

Jeff received a B.A. in Communications from Humboldt State University in California.

Stellian Olar

Stellian Olar – CFD & Forex Trading Expert

Stellian is a CFD & Forex Trading Expert with more than 10 years of experience in the financial markets. He is a versatile trader who, besides managing his own money, also trades other people’s money. He is a disciplined investor with a passion for trading and a solid understanding of global markets.

Stellian is skilled in developing and executing highly effective quantitative investment strategies, including systematic trading and discretionary trading. He is deeply committed to the belief that exhaustive research is the key to success, and that research is shown in the detail and precision of each piece he contributes to.  As a currency analyst, Stellian provides his expertise in financial markets to private companies and individuals.

Stellian earned an engineering degree in electronics and telecommunication from the Polytechnic University of Timisoara.

Editorial Guidelines

The Forex Malaysia goal is to create high-quality, factually correct, and meaningful educational content that furthers our readers interest in Forex trading and education. It is free from commercial bias, conflict of interest and as accurate as our writers are able. Comments and feedback on the content are always welcome by contacting us on [email protected]

Broker Recommendations

We pride ourselves on having broker and tool reviews that are free of commercial bias and are written by traders who have hands-on experience, the context, and expertise to be able to make comparisons between these products.

Following some of the links in our content, and on our lists, means that Forex Malaysia could receive a commission, but neither the publication or our writers take payment or commissions for altering our views and text in our reviews.

Educational Articles

While the articles we feature are entirely accurate to the given situation, these articles cannot be viewed as individual investment advice. The Forex market is fluid and each trading opportunity and trader are unique. This means that our advice is tailored to the given situation expressed in the article, and our team is not able to give individualized legal, tax or investment advice to our visitors.

GLEIF Membership

Forex Malaysia, as a brand of Schlossbrink AB, is a full LEI Member.  As a part of an international financial community, we have a shared belief in the transparency of trades and increased efficiency in the international trading system.

LEI benefits for the wider business community. There should only be one identity behind a business and the Global LEI Index is the only source of information that brings efficiency, transparency, and trust to legal entity identification.

The Schlossbrink AB LEI Membership number is 254900LUG07G07A31U72 and can be verified in the Global LEI Index

Regulators We Work With

Regulation is the most important quality of a Forex Broker.  Regulation means that standards and practices are strictly reviewed.  This gives traders more peace of mind that the environment in which they trade is responsible, controlled and audited.  The regulation we require to be listed on this website is any of the below, and we greatly prefer two or more regulators for a single broker.

  • ASIC – Australia
  • CySEC – Europe
  • FCA – United Kingdom
  • FSB – South Africa

How We Review Brokers

While we have used every broker we promote and we do have our favourites, we will never choose a broker for you.  This is why we have given both pros and cons for each of the brokers we present, and we have a more detailed breakdown of how we score them.  This way you can find the best broker for your needs.

When we review brokers, we are looking at the following factors in more detail.

  • We only list brokers which are regulated by one of the major regulators above, and we actively request brokers that we do feature to become members of more than one regulatory agency.  These regulations make your trading more secure and better traders.
  • For the interest of transparency to our visitors, it is important to understand the broker is a Dealing Desk or Non-Dealing Desk broker.  This makes a difference in how the broker makes money and also makes clear where a conflict of interest can occur.
  • We appreciate brokers who offer micro-accounts to beginner traders that require a low minimum deposit so that traders only need to risk what they feel is acceptable.
  • We prefer to list brokers that offer premium services to our visitors, in addition to the free educational materials that a trader would need to get started – and that sometimes includes making a phone call to clear up any questions.
  • We like to review the details of forex trading brokers.  These are things like the types Of Forex market orders available, the trading costs, and try to identify those with a larger range of currency pairs available to trade.

We have worked for many years in the industry, and we are well connected with the brokers and the reputations of the brokers in the community.  We believe that a forex trading experience should be safe, and fun.

Risk Warning

Every website that is about trading and this one is no exception, has a social responsibility to state that trading does come with significant risk.  Trading leveraged products such as Forex and CFDs may not be suitable for all investors as they carry a high degree of risk to your capital.  Simply put, do not risk money you’re not prepared to lose and know that your past performance does not guarantee future results.  Find our full risk disclosure statement here.

Where We Are

Where we are - Schlossbrink

Contact Us

Please write to us if you want to ask questions or give input using the email below.  We like to hear from our readers.  For press inquiries please set up a time in advance, and we are happy to comment.

If you are interested in a partnership, you can also write to us at [email protected] where you can introduce your broker in a full and transparent way.  Don’t write to us from your Gmail address or it will be ignored.  In your email, please detail your regulatory status and explain why you believe you can offer something unique to the readers of our websites.

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Trading Forex and CFDs is not suitable for all investors and comes with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 75-90% of retail investors lose money trading these products. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.