AuthorAuthor: Jeffrey Cammack
Updated: September 16, 2023
Last Updated On September 16, 2023
Jeffrey Cammack

Start your Forex trading career by reading our beginner articles. We cover an introduction to the Forex market and explain basic terminology used in Forex trading.

Learn Forex Trading

These articles include how the Forex market works, what hours the market operates, how to find a reliable broker to connect you to the Forex market, and an introduction to the different trading software called platforms.

Forex Trading Terms for Beginners

These articles introduce the beginner trader to the terms used in Forex trading. They explain the basic terms that will help a newcomer understand a trading platform, learn from articles about beginner Forex strategy, and assist in conversations with other traders.

Forex Trading Strategy For Beginners

These articles will introduce a beginner to the basic trading strategies used in Forex trading. They cover the basics of creating a trading plan, an introduction to the different areas of analysis, how to perform basic analysis for these strategies.

Country Guides to Trading Forex

Our readership comes from countries all around South-East Asia. To best help beginner Forex traders in these countries, we have put together guides to the best brokers in these countries. If you live in any of these countries, we wrote these guides with you in mind.

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